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About me

I'm a bureaucrat here, and I used to edit all the time. I've pretty much slowed to a snail's limp, and it might have to stay that way for a while. Sorry...


I'm a fanfiction writer, occasional fan chartographer, and fan-monster designer. Most of my pride and joy lies in my writing and mapmaking; and thankfully, the writing part is handled by the pages of this wiki and I have a scanner to scan my arts, so luckily, all my content can be placed on this wiki! ^o^

Fan Fictions

I've written several fan fictions. Here's the list from youngest to oldest:

Fan Maps

  • coming soon

Fan Monsters


I'm also the creator of the Limestaen Race, a race of people distantly related to Wyverians. They live for many, many years, and they have a huge role in the history of Doragokuni. I also created their language, Wyvernian. That's all.

Me, Personally

Well, er, I'm a young person from Park Hills, Missouri, where I currently live. I have no pets. My favorite snacks are microwaveable chimichangas, peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, and homemade pizza. My favorite food is beef steak, preferably New York Strip or filet mignon.

I'll... add more later... maybe